News & Events - Ubud Monkey Forest Park

Ubud Monkey Forest Park   Between Nyuh Kuning and Padang Tegal Village, Ubud Subdistrict, Gianyar Regency, exactly 26 km from Denpasar, there lies a small forest inhabited by hundreds of Balinese quite tame monkeys and can be invited to play when tourists enjoy a holiday in the Ubud tourist resort, Gianyar.   Aside from being the habitat of monkeys in Bali, it is also the village cemetery and of course it is also adjacent to a temple. So, it is complete for tourists when visiting this place. In other words, apart from playing with the monkeys, the tourists can also see the tombs and temples in Balinese architecture. Occasionally, visitors can encounter a ceremony in the temple and cremation. One important thing is that we may not disturb the habitat of monkeys and we have to realize as a guest there. Similarly, we must continue to walk on the safe pathways because the monkeys will turn very aggressive when we enter and disrupt their territory. So, never attempt to bother the monkeys for any reasons. If you would like to feed them, do carefully and never pull it again. We must continue to preserve the nature and the animals there. It is a sanctified area and retains ancient relics. Try to enjoy the beauty and magic splendor of this destination and at the same time we also maintain as well as respect the wild life in the forest. This area is located on the main road of Ubud leading to the south at the foot of a hill. It is inhabited by a number of monkeys that are always waiting for food given by visitors. The monkeys here are sometimes angry if visitors do not give anything to them. The forest with the area of 8 hectares poses one of the monkey breeding centers in Bali. Pathways in the midst of dense trees and natural sound accompany the promenade around the jungle for 30 minutes. Except for a flock of funny monkeys walking, hanging and playing along the trail, you can also visit the Dalem Agung Temple and Sacred Bathing Temple implementing the three local concepts. Its zoning consists of innermost courtyard, namely the bathing place for the gods and the next one is middle courtyard containing a sacred pool. Meanwhile, the third zone is the outermost courtyard serving as a place for public bathing. Just as a reminder, the monkeys here will only be friendly if they are not disturbed. So, please be careful when giving them food and do not wear accessories. This destination is easily accessed from the road along the Monkey Forest in Ubud, or simply by walking just about 15 minutes from Jalan Raya Ubud. The entrance fee to the monkey sanctuary is IDR 10,000 for adult and IDR 5,000 for children.