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How To Get An International Driving License In Indonesia  
Driving a rented vehicle while traveling in another country has currently becoming very popular, especially for regular travelers who love to have an adventurous trip on their own. To be able to do that, they must hold an International Driving Permit (IDP).
Drivers whose citizenships fall under the ASEAN countries can drive regionally within these territories without having the need to provide an IDP. As long as they hold their own national’s driver license, they are permitted to drive within the regions. However, if they plan to drive in a non-ASEAN country, they must make sure that they own an IDP.
The permit, which consist of a card and a small book (similar to a passport) will save travelers the trouble when they wanted to rent a car or if they are stopped by the authority when driving in a foreign country. More than 200 countries in the world will ask for an IDP before they could grant a rental vehicle to be hired by a foreigner.
In Indonesia, it is not hard to get this International Driving Permit. According to Jakarta Police Headquarter website, here are the five steps to obtain the permit:
1. Come to Provincial Police Headquarter Office and made a registration at a locket provided on the Road and Traffic Section.
2. Make sure to bring a valid identification card such as KTP/KIT/KITAP, national driver license and a valid passport.
3. After showing those original documents to the officers, applicants must provide three copies of each document and newest 4 x 6 cm self-photograph with a blue background to be attached in the application form. When taking the photograph, a male applicant must wear a shirt and a tie while female applicant must wear a blazer.
4. Applicants are requested to fill the International Driving Permit registration form using valid data information because fake information will only cause problem in the future use.
5. After filling all the registration form and providing all supporting documents, applicants will have to pay for the administration fee. The cost to make a new IDP is Rp 256,000 and to extend an expired one, there will be a charge of Rp 231,000. Once the officers are finished with the data checking, they will soon produce and legalize the International Driving Permit.
IDP is valid for one year only. The process to make one will take about 1 to 2 days maximum depending on the queue. So, if you plan to travel to another country and wish to have an adventurous experience by riding a motorbike or a car, do not forget to equip yourself with an IDP. It is easy to make and will save you from getting into trouble with local authorities if you ever got caught from breaching the traffic rules in another country.